Gym in Jan

I like to think of myself as quite a committed gym-goer. With the exception of a few weeks in the year (holidays, Christmas, general couch potato phases), I’m generally pretty motivated.

That is until January comes around. Suddenly the classes that I’ve attended week in week out for the last two years are fully booked quicker than Glasto sells out and actually being able to nab a cross-trainer without a 15 minute wait is a distant memory. You’ve got it, the dreaded new year’s resolutioners are out in force!

Gym in January

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for creating healthier habits, but I want my spot on Body Pump back!

The good news is, that according to (somewhat questionable) statistics, the 17th Jan marks the day that most people generally ditch their new year’s resolutions, in favour of their old habits and routines. So I guess I haven’t got too long to wait before the gym returns to normality!

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