Losing My Marbles

Ever have to step back and take a good look at yourself, because it’s not entirely out of the question that you may have completely lost your marbles?

Well I’ve had that moment today.

With India all booked for just over 5 weeks time, the worst thing that I could possibly do is lose my passport, right….?

See where I’m going with this yet?

Yep, for approximately 18 hours my passport had seemingly evaporated into thin air, because as far as I was concerned, I had inspected every inch of the house and it HAD VANISHED. Sending me into a crazed frenzy, I went on to look in the bathroom cupboards, ancient photo albums and even my dog’s bed. (To put this into perspective, I had my passport a mere three days ago and hadn’t taken it out of the house, so the chances of it travelling far were slim.)

It even cost me the undignified experience of rooting through the bin in case it had accidentally been knocked in there at some point. And to clarify, by bin I mean the grubby outside recycling bin that you leave out for collection (eurgh). At one point I was at risk of taking a nose dive into a fortnight’s worth of chicken packaging and wine bottles. Not exactly how I intended to spend a day off.

But to put your minds at ease (because I know you’re all sick with worry), there is a happy ending. A happy…yet slightly concerning ending. After nearly pulling my hair out for hours, do you know where my passport was?

Well I’ll leave that for you to guess!

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