Hacksaw Ridge – One Hell of an Emotional Rollercoaster!

Hello, me again! Back with another film love in, because apparently I go to the cinema too much! But hey, that’s what cold winter evenings are for eh? And who doesn’t love getting stuck into a tub of popcorn?!

This time it’s all about Hacksaw Ridge – Another incredible true story and another fantastic Oscar worthy performance. Sorry this is starting to sound like a copy & paste job from my previous post about Lion –  they’re just both so good!

If you haven’t seen the film, you’ve probably heard of it by now (thanks to its 7632489 award nominations) and before your start thinking “Ohh another war film, what can possibly set it apart from all the others”, I’ll stop you there!

Hacksaw Ridge

I’m not overly into war films, but I was gripped from start to end. Based on the story of real life WWII American Army medic Desmond Doss, the film follows his heroic efforts to serve and survive in the Battle of Okiniwa, having pledged to never touch a weapon or hurt another being. In fact, he saved a record number of men during his time in the army and became the first person in history to receive the Medal of Honour without firing a shot. Inspiring, right?

On top of this, there was Andrew Garfield’s stunning performance.  A far cry from his most widely know known role as Spiderman, he brought sincerity and dignity to the role, that in turn  won the audience’s full emotional investment.

Though the build up was quite slow if you’re in it purely for the battle scenes, I feel this all contributed to humanisation of each character. Of course, the combat sequences also lived up to expectations, forming an inferno of gunfire, graphic violence and ground shuddering tension. I think I left my boyfriend Jonny with a numb arm from gripping onto it so hard through fright and anticipation!

One more thing I’d like to add before I wrap it up…Who knew Vince Vaughn could do serious?! Though some of his one liners during the training scenes certainly put a smile on my face, he absolutely nailed it in a dramatic role!

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