Happy Chocolate and Flowers Day

Happy Valentine’s Day all! Love it or hate it, it’s gonna be pretty difficult to avoid it today, so you may as well embrace it!

I’ve never been one to go mad for the occasion. After all, it was simply invented by marketers to get a bit more money out of us poor sods. This being said, what’s the real harm in a day that encourages you to show appreciation for your loved ones, whether it be your other half, or your friends and family?

Me and Jonny are having a pretty low key evening, which sounds absolutely perfect to me. I’ve never really been one for soppy PDAs and if I’m honest, I’m one of those socially awkward people who find’s receiving presents quite uncomfortable (yes I know I’m weird)!

Jonny has actually decided to cook for me tonight (for the first time), so if you don’t hear from me again you’ll know why! 😉 (sorry Jonny, I’m sure your culinary skills are top notch)

Valentine’s Day aside, this week is going to be a very lovey dovey romance filled week, as  I am attending not one, but two weddings! Is something in the air?!

I’ll leave you with my a touching tribute to my Valentine.

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Happy Valentines Day to my one and only ❤️

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