The Power of Pups

Don’t ever underestimate the therapeutic power of dogs!

I’m aware that not everyone likes the four legged balls of fluff, but there’s nothing quite like my fur baby to put a smile on my face when I’m feeling a bit low.

Not only are dogs adorable and do they provide you with unconditional love (far more than cats may I add 😉 ), but studies have found that having one around can improve your general wellbeing and I’m inclined to believe them. They don’t care if you’ve messed up at work, or have piled on the pounds lately; they love you no matter what and nothing can boost your mood quite like their excitement at having you around (I can hear my dog howling/talking away to my sister right this second) and the way that they greet you after being gone for an hour, as though you’ve been away for a year!

After all, is there anything better than walking through the front door to be greeted with that big smiley slobbery face? Apart from perhaps if they’d miraculously managed to cook dinner too…And talking of dinner, they’re always more than happy to take the leftovers off your plate, making clearing up all that bit easier!

At risk of sounding a bit lame, my gorgeous golden retriever Cody is one of my best mates and at times you could even say he plays therapist (he’s a fantastic listener, you see…he never butts in and never judges)! They’re intuitive animals and though they might not understand everything that we say to them (as much as I may try), I believe that they really are in tune with our moods and do their best to make sure we’re happy, by providing a constant supply of snuggles and affection ( and in Cody’s case, a giant fuzzy paw on your lap).Golden retriever dog Cody

As a family we’re currently in talks about getting another puppy to keep Cody company (I’ll admit that this blog post is slightly loaded, as my mum is taking a bit of convincing 😉 ). When we first got Cody as a wee nipper, we still had our previous dog Dexter, and at the ripe old age of 10, it really gave him a new lease of life having an energetic little pup by his side. Dogs love each other as much as they love us and watching them fall asleep with limbs draped over each other truly melts your heart. That’s why we’d love to give Cody a little brother or sister, to keep him on his toes and to provide him with a play buddy when me and my sister inevitably move out…because understandably, my mum and dad can’t exactly wrestle Cody on the living room floor like me and Christy do!

Ok…I’ll admit dogs aren’t absolute angels. They scrounge for your food, they walk mud through the house and their breath sometimes smells like rotting fish, but I think these things are easily outweighed by their effortless ability to put a smile on your face. They have without a doubt earned their title as ‘man’s best friend’.

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