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The Real Struggles of Job Hunting

Job hunting – the struggle really is real!

There are few people who actually enjoy the process of seeking a new job and if you’re one of these sadistic people who does, please enlighten me as to why!

With it comes stress, rejection, hard work and competition, just to name a few factors and it most certainly is one of the biggest struggles of adult life.

Please don’t make me adult. 

Sure, there are positive moments; such as the excitement when a promising new job prospect arises, and of course, the feeling of elation and relief when a worthy job offer comes your way…but I’m certainly not in a rush to go through the process again!

Having gone through the ordeal myself over the last few months, I’m happy to say I’ve bagged myself a fantastic new job at Red Letter Days, a company I am really excited to join!

It didn’t come easy though…

I’ve mentioned all of the obvious pitfalls that people experience throughout their job search, but what about the lesser mentioned  factors?

Mind Says No.

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How about anxiety?

I know that most people suffer from nerves on some level when it comes to job hunting. It can be scary and stressful, after all! For some, however, the anxiety can bring out weird symptoms in them, that can’t simply be buried under a fake smile and ‘confident’ body language.

A couple of months ago when I first decided to start looking for a new job, I was invited in for an interview at a really cool creative agency, yet I had to cancel because I felt so nauseous the room began to spin and my hands tremored.

Bizarrely, on the day of my interview at Red Letter Days I was cool as a cucumber, so maybe it was a sign!

I can’t help but think that career success generally comes to those who are naturally extroverted. Everything about the traditional interview process puts them at an advantage, while those more introverted characters get overshadowed, regardless of their qualifications.

I feel like I probably fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, but even I felt the pressure to come across as some uber outgoing personality.

Miss Popular  Employed

Mean Girls Gif

Where should I start on trying to land a new job while you’re still employed… *sigh*

Trying to fit interviews into your busy full-time working schedule is near to impossible and you pretty much need to be James Bond to keep your job search under the radar!

Ahead of landing the job at Red Letter Days I attended 4 interviews…now that’s four excuses that I had to come up with to arrange a last minute day off work. How many doctors appointments and and sick bugs can one person have in the space of a couple of months?!

Mo No Money, Mo problems


Not only is it SUPER awkward trying to come up with excuses to take time off work, but it also nearly broke the bank!

My company doesn’t offer sick pay, so when invited in for an interview at late notice, I had no option but to take the day off unpaid. On top of this, I had the £20 train fare into London to contend with. Don’t get me started on Greater Anglia and their grotesquely overpriced and poorly run service…that’s a whole other kettle of fish.

The most frustrating bit? A couple of the interviews were simply first round meetings and lasted a grand total of 15 minutes!

“What Makes You Right for this Role?”

Mrs Doubtfire

Talking  yourself up is ultra cringe. Although I’m relatively confident in my abilities and believe I’m hard worker that an employer would be happy to have, trying to big up my skills and experience doesn’t come naturally to me.

In the past, networking events have just resulted in me chatting to people about their hobbies, because trying to sell myself professionally makes me feel like…well a bit of a plonker!

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