To London or not to London

When I was at Uni, I had visions of graduating and setting up a glamorous life in London. I was convinced that moving back into my parents house would be just a brief set up, before landing my dream job in the Capital, moving into a house share with some cool people and living the London dream.

Spoiler alert: Three years later I’m still at home, living out in the sticks with the famille and my furry pal Cody (to clarify Cody is a golden retriever, not a house mate with a body hair problem).

It turns out that a life in London doesn’t come easy. The job market is competitive, the housing market is atrociously expensive and from what I’ve heard, house shares can be a bloody nightmare at times.


Over the last few years I’ve drifted in and out of phases of being desperate to live in London and being charmed by rural life. There are so many appeals to living in the city, from a cheaper, shorter commute; to a busy social life and limitless ways to enjoy your free time. Of course, with the positives come the down falls. The cost of living in London is outrageously high compared to other parts of the country and the chaos of city life can be hard to escape when you’re immersed in it. But could it be worth it?

On the other hand, living in the countryside is peaceful, the area is beautiful and there’s nothing quite like a dog walk across the fields to clear your head. There’s not an awful lot going on though. It’s a sleepy area and weekends at the local pubs grow tiresome very quickly, even with the best of company. On top of this, living out in the sticks means that I have to drive pretty much everywhere, with the only shop in walking distance being a tiny post office that’s open for about 4 hours a day. Talk about quaint…

Another matter is friends and family. I’m at a point now where my friends have scattered. Some live abroad, some have moved to London and some remain in their home towns; so this probably isn’t a deciding factor. It’s hardly like London is a million miles away anyway. It’s practically on our doorstep…there’s just a mere issue of a very expensive train service in the way! Please stop me now before this escalates into a train rant.

So this creates a bit of a dilemma. As I start my new job in London, the pull towards London is stronger, but conversations with friends about the cost of rent are certainly a deterrent.

Decisions are to be made!




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