10 Reasons Why Dogs are Better than People

If you know me, or you’ve read some of my previous posts, you’ll know by now that I am pretty mad for dogs! My golden retriever Cody is my fur baby and my best bud and I can’t imagine life without him. In fact, I think I prefer spending time with him than most humans…which is what brings me on to the main point of this blog. I think a lot of people will be in agreement with this – dogs are just so much better than people and here’s why:

1) They show unconditional love


Dogs don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did (sorry that’s quite enough Backstreet Boys for one day), they’ll show you unconditional love for simply being there. They’re quick to forgive and unlike people, they never hold a grudge. This doesn’t mean they deserve anything less than unconditional love in return, of course!

2) They’re always excited to see you


You could have been gone for a month or half an hour, they’ll still be equally as excited to see you as you walk through the front door. Cody presents me with a toy every day when I get home from work and it never gets old!

3) They provide endless entertainment


Each dog has its own quirks and unique personality, like every other member of the family and that’s exactly what makes them so loveable. You only have to glance at your Facebook feed to see an abundance of videos of dogs doing adorable and hilarious things. Cody never fails to make us laugh when he starts wiggling around on his back at pretty much every available opportunity! He’s also quite the attention seeker, so if he thinks someone (another dog) is getting more than its fair share of attention he’ll certainly make himself known by howling and nudging us!

4) They’re incredibly loyal

love you.gif

It doesn’t take long to win over a dog’s heart and once that bond has been formed, you’ve got yourself a friend for life. They’ll be there for you whether you need cheering up, protecting or even just some friendly company. You’ll never feel lonely with a dog around!

5) They don’t judge


Need to get something off your chest? Tell your dog, they make the best listeners. Ok, ok, I know they don’t actually have the ability to talk back, but sometimes their mere presence and the occasional head tilt is enough. Not only do they not interrupt mid-sentence, but they don’t judge you either. No matter how shameful or ridiculous the confession, they’ll still love you after. The same goes for the days when you make no effort with your appearance – in fact, sometimes the smellier you are the more they want to be around you! Just kidding….maybe.

6) They comfort you when you’re down

dog cuddle.gif

When you’re feeling blue, dogs provide the best therapy. They’re incredibly intuitive animals and when someone in the family is a bit down in the dumps, they’re the first one by their side. One look at that adorable furry face and you’ll often forget why you were sad in the first place!

7) They’re always up for a snuggle

There ain’t no snuggle like a doggy snuggle. As big fans of affection, our furry friends are always happy to provide the cuddles (especially if they get a belly rub out of it). Cody has recently taken to joining me on my bed when I’m enjoying a lie in – It’s all very cute until he decides that he wants to lay on top of me, rather than next to me!

8) They don’t have mood swings


Of course, dogs have feelings just like the rest of us, but that’s not what I mean by ‘moods’. In my mind, a mood is something that can affect the people that you interact with throughout the day and while us humans will often take a ‘bad mood’ out on others, dogs maintain their happy wiggly nature around the clock!

9) They help with the washing up


Before you start to think I’ve got my dog working as my personal butler – What I’m getting at, is that they’re great for reducing food wastage in the house. Food left on your plate? There’s always a hungry little creature waiting to help you out with those last couple of bites!

10) Everything they do is cute


They have the rare ability to make everything they do absolutely adorable. If my boyfriend woke me up three times in the night just to say ‘hi’ I’d be livid….when Cody does I think he’s the cutest thing to walk the earth!

Published by Sophie Deering

Writer by craft, crazy dog lady, clothes addict, amateur artist and globe trotter by nature.

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