Hi, My Name’s Sophie and I’m a Netflixaholic

I guess you could say I was quite late to the Netflix party. Even throughout my sedentary student days, I spent my afternoons of procrastination watching back to back episodes of Come Dine With Me or whatever other mundane reality show happened to be airing on Channel 4 at the time. And as unstimulating as this rather humdrum catalogue of TV programmes might be, I guess staying old school in my TV habits helped me to keep myself detached from the virtual world behind the small screen. There were a select few shows that I would tune into each week (or day – Hollyoaks…don’t judge me) or catch up on via iPlayer, 4oD, etc., however, in the main part you could say that TV was a way of filling my free time, rather than something I would clear time for.

Fast forward a couple of years and a gripping new drama series has the power to turn me into a total hermit. Netflix, what have you done to me?

I don’t think I’m alone in this either. Gone are the days of flicking through the channels in hope of finding something vaguely interesting to watch. Now you have thousands of options at your fingertips to watch at any time that suits. All sounds great, right?

Well, yeah it is – I much prefer watching a TV programme or film that I am actually interested in at a time that suits me,  rather than mindless drivel that I’ve decided is probably the best of a bad list of options on the live channels. On the other hand, it’s created a binging habit that sucks viewers in and is near impossible to break away from.

netflix gif

Credit: Giphy

I guess you could say I’ve become a bit of  “serial series binger”. Breaking Bad was my gateway show and it was a slippery slope into Netflix addiction from there. Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Peaky Blinders were just a few to follow.

Like a lot of people, I like to have a series to catch up on when I climb into bed at the end of the day – A gritty drama preferably. Something that really holds my attention (if I manage not to fall asleep). Then there’s usually a series that I’m watching with my boyfriend…of course, I can’t watch any episodes without him being present, because that’s practically cheating these days, right?! So this has to be reserved for the evenings where we Netflix and chill….and by that I mean literally watching Netflix and chilling. Then finally, I’ve usually got an old sit-com to fall back on as a random time filler (while I’m drawing, clearing out my wardrobe, etc)…it tends to be something that doesn’t require much attention, for example, an old series that I used to catch the odd episode of, but never became that invested in at the time (How I Met Your Mother, The IT Crowd, etc). So you get the idea, I am a slave to streaming.


Netflix gif

Credit: Giphy

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’ve sacked off my social life for my TV binging habits, I’d still much rather be out enjoying a drink with my friends on a Saturday night and going on a long dog walk on a Sunday afternoon. I also, still spend my free time at home keeping busy with my blog or artwork. This being said, I definitely find myself looking forward to a spare few hours during the week, where I can flop down on my bed and treat myself to a few episodes. BLISS.

…And on that note, I’m off to go binge on the new series of Stranger Things.

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