Hi, I’m Sophie and I’m a self-confessed crazy dog lady (expect to hear a lot about my gorgeous golden retriever, Cody)! Other things that tickle my interest are travelling the globe, feeding my clothes addiction and drawing (hence all the silly illustrations scattered around my blog!)

On a mission to see the world, I’ve usually got an upcoming trip in my sights (when annual leave permits – doesn’t adulting suck?!)

In my free time, I can usually be found squealing at cute animal videos online, hitting the gym or binging on the latest Netflix series….Of course, I’m also prone to a Saturday night down the pub too!

The blog

Here to offer a lighthearted and somewhat whimsical take on day to day life, I’ve set up ‘Oh Deering’ as an opportunity to write about the things I love. As a copywriter by trade, my days are full of writing, but there’s something different about being able to rant away to my heart’s content on here!

Hopefully you’ll get some sort of entertainment from it too!

So to explain the name…

Those of you who know me will know that I’m a bit of a Calamity Jane at times, I think I inherited the clumsy gene from my mum (sorry mama bear!) Anyway, getting on to the point that I was about to make…the phrase “Oh Deering” was coined in reference to my life blunders (My friends Josh at uni even decided he wanted to make an Oh Deering sitcom showcasing my clumsy and most ridiculous day to day moments and during my time working at a digital agency they even turned it into a hashtag!), so I thought it would make a good fit for the blog!