Adulting: The 28-club crisis

Until relatively recently I was almost blind to my own mortality. Not in a reckless or immature way per se. I simply got by on a blissful “oh, I’ve got all the time in the world” attitude – one that a lot of twenty somethings are probably all too familiar with. I certainly haven’t deprivedContinue reading “Adulting: The 28-club crisis”

#SavetheElephant: Responsible Elephant Encounters

Elephants have been my favourite animal since I first clapped eyes on one roaming the streets of Mumbai, when I moved over to India with my family aged 8. I didn’t know at the time the suffering the poor elephant had probably been through to find itself walking the chaotic streets of such a busyContinue reading “#SavetheElephant: Responsible Elephant Encounters”

Thailand: Temples, Tribes & Tuk Tuks

My tales of an exciting trip around northern Thailand, including jungle treks, elephant sanctuaries, floating bungalows and more!

The 9-to-5 Survival Guide

You have it so easy when you’re a kid. You roll out of bed at 8am, scoff a bowl of coco pops, spend the day doodling on each others workbooks and catching nits at school, and then BAM you’re straight back on the sofa watching Hey Arthur with a packet of love hearts by 4pm.Continue reading “The 9-to-5 Survival Guide”

The Daily Commute Survival Guide

The London commute – there’s a special place in hell for it. If I could purchase a flying carpet and get to work in a single rendition of ‘A Whole New World’, I 100% would. Actually, on that note…I overheard one of the IT guys at work discussing jet packs the other day…one of themContinue reading “The Daily Commute Survival Guide”

Falling Back in Love With Art

My love for art started at a young age. As far back as I can remember I adored drawing, colouring, sticking, moulding…you name it! I used to spend hours sitting at the kitchen table with whatever crafts set or colouring book my mum had bought me at that time. Our crafts cupboard was full toContinue reading “Falling Back in Love With Art”

Prague: The City of a Hundred Spires

As the nights began to draw in and the weather was becoming increasingly drab, I couldn’t help but give in to the desire to escape on another adventure. My latest trip and the final break of 2017 was to the Czech capital, Prague. It may not offer the sunshine I’ve been longing for since the summerContinue reading “Prague: The City of a Hundred Spires”

Give Us “Lazy” Millennials a Break

As a millennial, I’m regularly reminded by my older generations that I am part of a lazy, entitled and narcissistic peer group, just to mention a few of the qualities that we are brandished with on the daily. And who’s to argue with them, because they’re wiser and harder working than us, right? There weContinue reading “Give Us “Lazy” Millennials a Break”

The Rise of the Planet of the Robots

Last week I visited the eCommerce Expo for work and I couldn’t help but spot an ongoing theme throughout the day – The rise of the robots! Each time I turned a corner in the maze of exhibits filling the event space, I was faced with yet another tool or ‘bot’, offering to transform ourContinue reading “The Rise of the Planet of the Robots”