7 Signs You’re Addicted to Social Media [VIDEO]

Would you consider yourself addicted to social media?

“Of course not!”

You may say that, but are you really sure about it?

Social media can be a great thing for so many reasons; communication, news consumption and marketing to name just a few. But how much is too much and is it possible that it’s taking over your life?

Here are a few ‘symptoms’ of social media addiction. How many can you associate with?!

1) It’s the first thing you do when you wake up.

Do you find yourself reaching for your mobile phone the second your eyes open in the morning? How about last thing at night before catching some Z’s?

If so you may be hooked.

2) You’re lost without your mobile phone.

Left your phone at home by accident and feel like you’ve been cut off from the whole of society?

You may be addicted.

3) You use online slang in real life.

If “hashtag” and “lol” are part of your daily vocabulary, there’s a chance you find it hard to decipher the boundaries between social media and real life.

4) You don’t go anywhere without Wifi.

The real reason for choosing a cafe for lunch isn’t the delicious freshly made grub, or great assortment of cakes…Oh no, the important question is whether they have Wifi or not.

5) You post photographs of your meals on social media.

Every meal you eat has to be Instagrammable, from the carefully arranged salad to the sushi you bought purely because it’s what all the celebs eat.

6) You’ve made a social media account for a pet.

Chances are if you have done this your friends don’t find it as funny/cute as you do. She’s a dog, she can’t tweet!

7) You’re unaware of your surroundings.

The building could be burning down around you and you still wouldn’t look up from your Twitter feed.

Originally published on Social Media London