Summer Staycation: A Weekend in Bath

It's true what they say, sometimes the most beautiful places are right on your door step...or...well...three hours down the motorway. Last week, Jonny treated me to a weekend in Bath for my birthday and it really is such a gorgeous city, full of quintessential British charm and fascinating history. Stay-cations are definitely underestimated and I'm just … Continue reading Summer Staycation: A Weekend in Bath

Eternal India

  Vibrant, colourful, chaotic, energetic, fragrant (not always fact more often unpleasant), crowded, dirty, beautiful, bustling, historic...Just a handful of words I could use to describe the vast, diverse and truly unique nation that is India. Having lived in India as a child, I wasn't entering the country blind, however upon arrival I realised … Continue reading Eternal India

Hacksaw Ridge – One Hell of an Emotional Rollercoaster!

Hello, me again! Back with another film love in, because apparently I go to the cinema too much! But hey, that's what cold winter evenings are for eh? And who doesn't love getting stuck into a tub of popcorn?! This time it's all about Hacksaw Ridge - Another incredible true story and another fantastic Oscar worthy … Continue reading Hacksaw Ridge – One Hell of an Emotional Rollercoaster!