Tech Troubles: The true cost of outdated workplace tech

About the campaign

What is the true cost of under-performing technology? With survey data of UK employees, we calculated how much time and money is lost at the hands of slow technology in the workplace. Combining insights from the survey and expert commentary from a tech expert, we also explored the impact outdated technology can have on productivity and job satisfaction.

My role

I was involved in this campaign from the initial brainstorm, through to the PR outreach phase. I was responsible for writing the full campaign landing page copy, as well as a press release about the campaign. I also took the lead in crafting the expert interview and public survey, before analysing the results to draw interesting conclusions and key stats for use in the campaign and for outreach.


To devise a campaign that will deliver links to the AMD Ryzen product pages on the Currys PC World site and drives visibility within Google for associated keywords.

The campaign