The Rise of the Fitness Influencer – A content campaign for Currys PC World

About the campaign

As the UK public coped with restaurant, gym and school closures during lockdown, fitness influencers became substitute PE teachers, personal trainers and even banana bread advisors. This campaign aimed to identify who’s hit the big time, including who’s topping the rich list and who has the highest following. It looked at the top 50 fitness and health influencers, unearthing how many followers they have across YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok, how much engagement they get on their posts and how much they earn per post/year. This data was presented in an interactive index that can be ordered and filtered by data point and platform.

My role

I was involved in this campaign from the initial brainstorm, through to the PR outreach phase. I was responsible for the collection and analysis of the data used in the index, as well as all copy on the campaign page, accompanying blog post on Currys PC World’s Tech Talk blog, and press materials.


To devise a campaign that will deliver link equity to the health and fitness product pages identified on the Currys PC World site, and drive visibility within Google for associated keywords.

The Campaign