Web Copy

Your website copy is the voice of your brand – so let it do the talking! It’s a showcase of who you are as a company, what you do and what you can do for the reader. So, it’s essential it represents your business’ personality and values. What’s more, your web content can directly impact your positioning in search engine results. By adopting SEO best practice, you can reach the right audiences at the right time, by ranking in relevant search results.

Great copy is a jack of all trades – it can build brand awareness and affinity, drive leads and sales, offer a seamless user experience and boost your search engine rankings. It pays off to get it right!

Below are some web copy projects I have worked on, produced with SEO objectives in mind, as well as a considerate use of tone of voice. They include full website content production projects, as well as copy for home pages, landing pages, category pages and product descriptions.